Sugatsune (Sue-got-sue-neh) was founded to create hardware solutions of unparalleled quality with the core value of being original. Since 1930, Sugatsune has been inspiring architects, designers, and industrial engineers by providing uniquely designed and precision-engineered hardware products that create convenience and satisfaction for people.

From its humble beginnings in Kanda, Tokyo in 1930, when Tsunesaburo Sugasawara worked by an oil lamp creating products to solve furniture design challenges, Sugatsune continues to create hardware solutions that are based on our core value of being original.

The name Sugatsune and LAMP brand products have long been associated with Quality, Innovation, and Service. Sugatsune America, Inc., was established in 1982 to Inspire architects, designers and industrial engineers in North America to Invent new solutions, equipped with a comprehensive collection of thousands of precision-engineered hardware.

Door Handles & Knobs

Cabinet Handles & Knobs

Catches and Latches

Hinges and Door Accessories

Cabinet Hinges

Lid Supports

Drawer Slides


Shelf and Support Hardware

Closet Hardware

Sliding and Folding Door Hardware

Cabinet Door Hardware


Casters and Levelling Glides

Miscellaneous Hardware and Appendix

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