Blacksmith Heritage and Our Suppliers Forging Process

Blacksmith Heritage and Our Suppliers Forging Process

Aidan Mamo Cooney

Blacksmiths and their craft play an integral part in our history.  During the Medieval period the village smithy was an essential part of every town and a key figure within the community.  In addition to tool making they were also called upon to be doctors, dentists and vets on occasions. They worked by heating pieces of wrought iron until the metal became hot enough to shape using hand tools such as hammers, producing amour, weapons, horseshoes and agricultural equipment. 

Today our suppliers' processes of forging from steel have remained almost unchanged for over one hundred and fifty years.  Their blacksmiths heat rods of mild steel in a forge to the optimum temperature for shaping. This experience and craftsmanship allows each and every product to be masterfully made and each with its own unique character.

Products like this door chain above from Kirkpatrick Ironmongery, are made through this blacksmithing process creating a unique pattern on the malleable iron used by Kirkpatrick's smiths. 

We are very proud of the heritage of our suppliers here at Roundtower Hardware and we are confident that our customers will appreciate their experience and dedication to their craft too once they see our suppliers' products.

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