The Kirkpatrick Ironmongery business was founded by William Kirkpatrick, Esq. J. P. (1817-1887) in Walsall in 1855, and carried on for many years in his name and direction.

His son, Vincent Kirkpatrick, succeeded his father and presided over the incorporation of the business as a Limited Company in 1901. Upon incorporation, many loyal and long serving employees were given a shareholding, starting a tradition which continues to this day.

Many of the descendents of those first shareholders still retain their interest in the Company and the Kirkpatrick family still also retain a shareholding.

Much of the black iron door and window furniture is based on patterns (designs) used by the Kirkpatrick foundry since its inception in the 19th century. The workforce today uses essentially the same finishing and assembly techniques as back then, which have been handed down and refined through generations.

It’s this history which helps us create durable and beautiful ironwork products that have an integrity and authenticity which is second to none.

The Kirkpatrick factory emissions are minimal and regularly tested to ensure we comply with the Environmental Protection Act and as a result – their carbon footprint is lower than many of their competitors who use foundries in unregulated countries and whose products have been imported into the UK.

These products do not cost the Earth!‍

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