For decades the brand Randi has been synonymous with high quality architectural hardware in stainless steel and brass, and the company is known as one of the leading suppliers and manufacturer of trim and sanitary appliances in unique Scandinavian design.

The company was founded in 1878, producing cast door handles in the first workshop in Randers. Steel doors and frames were later added to the product range, and good workmanship has been combined with use of latest technologies and modern machines.

In 1948 a firm of architects asked for stainless steel door handles, and this proved to be the beginning of a chain of events that led to Randi A/S developing three unique series of trim - Randi-Line®, Novo-Line® and Classic-Line® - designed in collaboration with leading Danish architects. In April 2014 Randi was taken over by ECO Schulte GmbH & Co. KG, a family-owned German manufacturer of trim and lock products.

Design Philosophy
Since the beginning, Randi’s design philosophy has been:
Simplicity and flexibility. To create the best possible function in the most suitable material using the simplest possible expression.

Project Supplier with great Flexibility
Randi manufactures more than just standard range products. They offer a great flexibility in terms of projects, where they are able to meet specific customer demands regarding both design, functionality and material of the product. Randi is a professional cooperation partner when it comes to product development.

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