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Intumescent Products

A little more information about our range of Intumescent Products

Intumescent products are a type of passive fire protection that expands when exposed to heat, creating a barrier to help prevent the spread of fire and smoke through gaps around doors and windows. At Roundtower Hardware, we offer a range of intumescent products to help protect your building and comply with building regulations.

Our selection of intumescent products includes fire and smoke seals, pipe wraps, collars, and ventilation blocks. We also offer intumescent letter plates, which help to prevent the spread of fire through your front door, as well as intumescent paint, which can be applied to a range of surfaces to provide fire protection.

Our team of experts can provide advice on which intumescent products are best suited to your needs and can help you find the right solution for your building. All our products are tested to the highest standards and are designed to provide reliable protection in the event of a fire. So whether you're a homeowner, landlord or property developer, you can trust Roundtower Hardware to provide you with the best intumescent products for your building.