Solid Brass VS Cast

Solid Brass VS Cast

Aidan Mamo Cooney

A question we are asked regularly is ‘what is the difference between a solid brass CNC Machined product in comparison to cast product?’.

Oliver Knights manufactures their entire collection using a blend of the most advanced CNC Machinery and old school manufacturing techniques. There are multiple reasons for this which we will happily run through.

Solid Brass CNC

Each piece of material they use is certified tested for the purity of the brass and elements with in and is drawn pure with no imperfections in the metal. Every piece of material they hold certification with the origin of the brass and the purity with a certificate to certify it is of the highest grade.

Solid Brass allows them to manufacture a perfect product every time with no imperfections such as porosity, blow holes and cast ware within the product.

The weight of the product been completely solid allows the client to feel the quality and purity of the British made hardware.

Solid Brass gives them the absolute confidence to provide a life time mechanical guarantee with all Oliver Knights products.

Allows us to be able to tweak designs easily and manufacture to suit our clients exact design specification

Perfect for high end providing purity and quality the client would expect.

Unrivalled product finish.

Cast Product 

The majority 90% of cast products originate from India or China.

The purity of the casted product material is usually very questionable. The product normally contains minimal brass elements but just enough to be able to identify it as brass. We have even stumbled across brass plated products which where actually steel in the past which the client believed was brass.

Casting can cause imperfections such as porosity in the metal, blow holes and also the consistency of the finish quality as there is a loss of detail the more the cast is used.

It doesn’t have the weight that you would expect of a solid quality product.

Please see images below of a cast and solid brass Oliver Knights product. 

Cast Brass versus CNC Machined Brass

I hope this helps give an idea of why Oliver Knights feel it is important that they manufacture their collection using the highest quality solid brass, CNC Machined to specification.