Founded in 1981 Frisco UK Sales Limited is one of the UK’s leading distributors of architectural ironmongery and builder’s hardware. Frisco offers a large range of CE marked & Certifire approved products alongside the Eclipse brand merchant pre-pack range. Frisco now offer over 3,000 different ironmongery products with the core values of product quality and customer service still at the forefront of everything we do.

Products are independently sampled, inspected, tested and assessed having been conducted by the recognised UK industry leader in this field Warringtonfire enabling you to specify with confidence, knowing that each product is backed up by accurate and up to date bona fide test evidence.

Products that are CE marked by Element Rotterdam BV (ERO) as a European Notified Body, UKCA approved as well as third party certificated by Warringtonfire and Certification Ltd (WCL). The ongoing requirements for CE marking, UKCA and Certifire certification, e.g. Independent periodical audit testing, factory production control (FPC) all add value to our business as a whole and to try and give peace of mind when specified the products are fit for the purpose they were designed for.

Their unrivalled passion for what we do flows throughout their business. This is why they are constantly innovating and growing, whether that is developing beautiful new products, creating entirely bespoke ranges, driving ambitious sustainability practices, or achieving new safety certifications. In fact, you won’t find another provider that combines such a comprehensive range of European and American standards with the qualified staff to deliver the products to suit your precise project requirements.

To this day, they are family owned and operated, and although they have the resources and capabilities of a large-scale multinational manufacturing operation, they still possess the mentality of a small business, one which values every customer and prides itself on the integrity of each individual item and product.

Their hardware and fittings are created for the full life cycle and long-term performance, which reduces waste and helps to protect your investment as well as our planet.