You should think about the surface, color, shape and material, but never about permanent function. For this reason, scoop pays special attention to the highest quality standard in the industry. It doesn't matter whether you choose a Slidebloc ® plain bearing set, a Pullbloc ® ball bearing system or a product from their formspiele ® range.

"Best quality, at the best price and immediately" is the guiding principle. This requires creativity and flexibility in terms of production and logistics, but also absolute uncompromisingness to optimize the quality of the products on a daily basis.

scoop not only offers you Europe's largest selection of handle models for residential and commercial construction with Pullbloc ® and Slidebloc ® systems, but also an extensive range of handle shapes made of stainless steel, brass and die-cast zinc, high-quality glass door fittings and much more.‍

scoop is a German company with international production facilities. They pay particular attention to the high German quality standard, with material, technology, design and execution being the most important criteria. Their models are conceived and designed according to the natural characteristics of the respective material for residential and commercial construction.

Pullbloc 2.0 Catalogue